Thursday, December 11, 2014

Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick - Eternal Rose

After using this lipstick I don't know why I was shying away from this brand. Simply amazing!
It's a little glossy, highly pigmented mauve pink shade.
Just perfect for medium to fair skin tones.

A quick review.
Highly pigmented, good color payoff even on pigmented lips.
14 hr lasting, I am not sure but definitely a good 5 hours and also survived breakfast, lunch and coffee.
Moisturising, didn't dry my lips at all.
Does not bleed.
Cheaper than other counterparts.

I had to reapply after 5 hours just to maintain the look.
It does however accentuate dry lines.

The last pic is 8 hours after application, no touch ups.

Only two disadvantages, which means it's actually good. Need to get more shades.


Friday, November 21, 2014

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo - A Quick Review

A quick review on Nyx matte lip cream in Monte Carlo.

Shade: A typical blue red matte lip color.

Pros: Good pigmentation hence good for pigmented lips like mine
Very smooth application
The brush applicator perfect for precision
Does not bleed
Stays for a good 4 hours without touch ups after which it gives a good stain
Stays matte without drying lips
Will suit all skin tones
Costs only 3 dollars
Does not transfer after it dries.

Cons: For it to stay longer than 4 hours, touchup will be required
As with any bottled lipstick, it's tough to reach the bottom when there is still alot, hence a decent amount gets wasted.

Overall: A decent red lip color for those who have a budget but want a decent lipstick with average staying power.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mac Ruby Woo - swatches & review

'A perfect red for all occasions': should be the tag line for this lipstick.
MAC has always aced with their range of lipsticks.
Matte red can never go out of style and this is the perfect blue red.
From the reviews that I have done, anyone can assume that I am a fan of red lipsticks.
I used to keep on looking for 'That' perfect red. And the search ended when I found this beautiful red.
Without blabbing on how much I love this product, I will skip to the quick review.
A perfect blue tone red.
Makes your teeth look whiter.
Highly opaque, even for pigmented lips.
Lasts for 5 hours without any touch ups after which it gives a nice tint to the lips.
It does not bleed, although you need a liner for that perfect look.
Since it is matte finish, it can dry your lips, although I didn't have that trouble since I always scrub and moisturize beforehand ).
Application is a little tedious since it does tug a little. 
Brush application gives the perfect lips you want, but yes with a brush.

The last picture shows how clumsily I applied, but this is directly through the bullet. With brush you can get a perfect application.

Although there are many cons, I still reach out for this lipstick as I can wear this to office and also to a party without bothering about touch ups.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

BB Cream - Rimmel 9 in 1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup - A Quick Review and Swatches

Hello Everyone,

My first review on a BB cream.

After going through so many reviews online, I finally short listed two brands for BB cream, Maybelline and Rimmel.

I went to buy Maybelline since it was my first choice, but the drugstore didn't have the shade I wanted, so I ended up buying Rimmel.


- Gives light to medium coverage with a primer beneath it, what I actually wished for my everyday routine.
- It has a SPF of 25, a BB cream with SPF always helps.
- Makes the skin very soft.
- It's cheaper compared to other BB creams. It costs around 6-7 dollars.
- It brightens the skin a little, subtle not ghostly like.


- Limited range of shades.
- Not very cream like, I actually have to mix a lotion with it to blend it flawlessly on my skin. Not very convenient considering that a BB cream needs tperfect in blending.
- Someone who wants a heavy coverage will be disappointed.
- Staying power is average, it lasts me only 4-5 hours.

Overall, considering there are a lot of drugstore brands offering BB cream, I would definitely try something else, probably the Maybelline brand.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet - Review & Swatch

Hello again!

I will be doing a quick review of Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet.

The packaging is what attracted me the most to this lip butter.

Hmm...Its a lovely sheer rich, red color. Its very moisturing. You don't need a lip balm beneath it, moreover it's highly pigmented.

The color, the texture everything is fine, but it will last only and hour or two on your lips.

So the staying power was pretty frustrating and it will bleed a little, the one thing that I hated about this.

If you look at it as a tinted lip balm, then yes it is pretty decent considering the color payoff, but something which you want it as a long lasting moisturizer and lip color, then I would say it's average.

I don't think I would buy it again, considering it's 6 dollars a piece, would definitely want to try tinted balms from other brands.
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

e.l.f. Studio HD Blush - Encore, Swatch and Review

Hello again!!

As mentioned in my previous post here I did not intend to go shopping but helping somebody else, can actually help you, literally!

This spontaneous shopping got be back to e.l.f studio makeup line.

I am in love with the packaging and since I liked the color alot I grabbed the e.l.f studio hd blush in Encore.

Displaying DSC_0055.JPGDisplaying DSC_0054.JPGDisplaying DSC_0057.JPG

The swatch is pretty self explanatory a lovely dark pink(in simple layman words), highly pigmented, a little goes a long way.

The bottle has a pump, but you need to be very careful while using the pump.

The first time I used alot came out and it got messy since I didn't expect it to be this pigmented.

You need just a little (maybe the size of a needle eye, yep) for both the sides.

Since it's a cream blush, it gives a natural healthy color to your cheeks.

You will love this.

The staying power is also pretty decent, it lasted me a good 6-7 hours.

The only disadvantage, it's a little difficult to blend, you need to be very careful or else it will look patchy and overly done.

I definitely would want to try other shades.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color - Rich Red, Swatch and Review

Hmmm... I went to Kmart to help someone with makeup shopping and guess what happened, I ended up shopping for myself. :-)
I brought a bunch of stuff, but this post will be specifically about ELF.

My story with ELF goes long time back, when ELF craze had just started. They were just a dollar for everything.
I tried their white eyeliner, all color stick, and eyelash curler.
I was not a fan of these products, somehow I was not too impressed, but because of the price I got attracted to it. But I skipped this brand since then.

When I went to Kmart, I looked that the attractive packaging of the e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color and fell in love with it.
I chose two products, ELF Studio Matte Lip Color and HD Blush.

In this post I will review lip color.
I chose the shade in Rich Red for lip color.
It is in a pencil form which does not need sharpening.
For the price $2.99 the quantity and quality is pretty good.
Awesome color and awesome pigmentation.
It was a superb color. It was the red with blue undertone.

Perfect for my lips. Because of the lip color's pigmentation, it covered my dark lips very well.
It is build able to get the desired intensity.
The coverage was good and it lasted me a good 5 hours which covered eating and drinking.
It did fade a little after 3 hours but it gave a nice red tint after that.

I would definitely repurchase other shades and for $2.99 you cannot go wrong.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nicole by OPI Roughles : On What Grounds - A Swatch & Review

My first review on a nail polish!

I actually didn't buy it, i received it in an IPSY bag (March edition).

Its not the usual nail polish that you would expect, well as the name suggests Roughles, it is rough.

If you expect anything smooth, not for you. Neither glossy nor matte, just rough, plain rough!

If its the first time buying a roughles nail paint, you might take a while to get used to it. 

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The brush and the consistency are pretty good, after all its OPI.

It has some very minute blackish, brown particles in it.

There is no fallout like you have in glittery nail paints.

  • One coat shows up decent color. Good opacity.
  • Two coats lasted me a full 4 days, and its lasted me these many days its good. ( I wash my hands n number of times)
  • A good springy color.
  • You don't need a nail art.
  • The brush is good and so is the consistency.


  • Its rough, no matter the extra top coat, it still looks the same.
  • You cant do any nail art on it 

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