Sunday, March 30, 2014

e.l.f. Studio HD Blush - Encore, Swatch and Review

Hello again!!

As mentioned in my previous post here I did not intend to go shopping but helping somebody else, can actually help you, literally!

This spontaneous shopping got be back to e.l.f studio makeup line.

I am in love with the packaging and since I liked the color alot I grabbed the e.l.f studio hd blush in Encore.

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The swatch is pretty self explanatory a lovely dark pink(in simple layman words), highly pigmented, a little goes a long way.

The bottle has a pump, but you need to be very careful while using the pump.

The first time I used alot came out and it got messy since I didn't expect it to be this pigmented.

You need just a little (maybe the size of a needle eye, yep) for both the sides.

Since it's a cream blush, it gives a natural healthy color to your cheeks.

You will love this.

The staying power is also pretty decent, it lasted me a good 6-7 hours.

The only disadvantage, it's a little difficult to blend, you need to be very careful or else it will look patchy and overly done.

I definitely would want to try other shades.

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