Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Hi You Beautiful people out there!
8 out of 10 women have the issue of having dark circles. It is one of the most common issues that we all ladies have.
But yes there is always a solution to all such issues.
The solution to our issue is a concealer and MAC has done a pretty good job in making different consistency concealers. For me the best turned out to be MAC Studio Finish Concealer.

What the MAC website says:
A lightweight, creamy, discreetly opaque concealer. Provides a smooth, long wearing invisible coverage for all skin blemishes.
Product Review:
Packaging: Small, Compact, Easy to carry in your makeup bag.
Advantages: Full coverage for under eye dark circles, easy application (tools needed: concealer brush, your own fingers), medium to full coverage for acne, long lasting, lot of product available, does not crease, very creamy.
Best Feature: It has a SPF of 35.
Disadvantages: Pricey, tough to choose the right shade.

Price Range: USD$16.50 (0.24 US OZ)
                     INR 920-1000 (7 gms)

Different skin types: Can get cakey on dry skin - make sure you moisturise before using the concealer, touch up with loose powder for oily/combination skin for the perfect look.
Available in cool and warm shades.
How to know which skin tone you are?
If you have a pinkish skin colour then you are cool and if you are a little towards the yellow side then you are warm.

Best way to know which concealer shade suits you: Try both the skin tone shades at the MAC counter and see which one looks more natural to your skin.
Always select a shade lighter to your facial skin.
I use NW 30.

Hope this helps!