Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mac Ruby Woo - swatches & review

'A perfect red for all occasions': should be the tag line for this lipstick.
MAC has always aced with their range of lipsticks.
Matte red can never go out of style and this is the perfect blue red.
From the reviews that I have done, anyone can assume that I am a fan of red lipsticks.
I used to keep on looking for 'That' perfect red. And the search ended when I found this beautiful red.
Without blabbing on how much I love this product, I will skip to the quick review.
A perfect blue tone red.
Makes your teeth look whiter.
Highly opaque, even for pigmented lips.
Lasts for 5 hours without any touch ups after which it gives a nice tint to the lips.
It does not bleed, although you need a liner for that perfect look.
Since it is matte finish, it can dry your lips, although I didn't have that trouble since I always scrub and moisturize beforehand ).
Application is a little tedious since it does tug a little. 
Brush application gives the perfect lips you want, but yes with a brush.

The last picture shows how clumsily I applied, but this is directly through the bullet. With brush you can get a perfect application.

Although there are many cons, I still reach out for this lipstick as I can wear this to office and also to a party without bothering about touch ups.

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