Thursday, April 2, 2015

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick - Swatches & a Quick Review

These days I am not at all happy with the the kind of lipsticks I am buying.
I bought Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick and I was hugely disappointed.

Feels very soft and highly moisturizing.
Very pigmented.
The texture, smoothness and moisturizing is similar to the lip butter and pigmentation is like a lip color.
The colors are really good.
Does not have a funky smell, has more of a fruity smell.

Staying power is like a lip butter as well. Huh!
I thought you know what this can't be right, let me try a lip liner and then apply.
But nope still didn't last for more than an hour.
It washed away even my trusted long lasting lip liner.
If only they could keep the staying power as colorstay line, it would have been awesome.

Would I repurchase? Nope!
Looks like I will have to stay away from lipsticks for a while.
First disappointed with Rimmel and now my favourite drugstore brand Revlon.

I have intentionally posted the below pic to show that the packaging of the lipstick is weird, every time when I try to close it, the cover gets messed because of the lipstick protruding. Hoping my words are making sense.

Pic from Left to Right: Primrose, Petunia, Iris

Shade: Primrose

 Shade: Petunia

 Shade: Iris

                      Pic from left to right: Primrose, Petunia, Iris                   

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