Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rimmel Showoff - Lip Lacquer/Velvet: Review and Swatches

Hello All,
I finally got my hands on the Rimmel Show Off after seeing rave reviews about the same.
I had to review this because I had a different opinion about this.

The Rimmel website says: Its neither a lipstick nor a gloss. Its bigger than that.

This is actually true to its claim. Pigmentation of a lipstick and shiny like a gloss. Although not at all sticky.


Highly pigmented. Actually covered up my pigmented lips pretty decent.
Non patchy.
Very smooth application.
Moisturising, did not dry my lips even after it wore off. Even the matte version is very moisturising.
Price wise very cheap, I mean 5 dollars for a lipstick, bring it on!


It didn't even last me 2 hours. It wore off after like one hour, it was as if I had not worn a lipstick at all.
At work, I literally I had to keep this lacquer in my pants pocket so that I could touch up every time I see a mirror. ;-)
Seriously it didn't last me even when I didn't drink or eat anything.

To sum it up:

Although I love the colors, I wouldn't repurchase this product because I do not have the patience to touch up every hour.
Although they don't claim it to be long lasting, 2 hours lasting power is the least expectation, especially from Rimmel since they have been giving us super products.


  1. I was actually going to buy this at target yesterday but it did seem like it wouldn't last long ! I'm glad u found your post because now I definitely won't bother picking it up. I'm more of a long lasting finish kind of girl with lip products :) xx

  2. Me too, a lipstick that doesn't last long sits on my desk was terribly disappointed with how long it lasted.


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