Thursday, June 7, 2012

The 'Red' lips!

So many tutorials on red lips! And I am about to add one more! :-D

This is the quickest and the simplest red lip tutorial that can make you ravishing in just 2 minutes.
Yep you read it right, just 2 minutes.

My lips are very pigmented. Here's what I did:

I took a concealer, mixed it slightly with a non greasy cream and dabbed it lightly on my lips.
This way my lips gave a washed out look.

I then took a red lip liner and lined the outer rim of my lips.
I then lightly filled my lips with the same liner.

Once that was done I took my favourite shade of red and applied one coat of the lip color.

Dabbed it slightly with a powder for the lip color to last long and applied another coat of the color.

This can go great for the day look and it for the night just wait for a few seconds and apply a clear gloss..

Tada...! I am done.

Try this quickie and take your time in choosing your outfit.

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